How to Apply Indonesian Passport Online

I just wanna share how to apply Indonesian passport via online.

A little story about it.. I got my first passport back in 2007. I applied passport that time because I wanted to go umrah and travel to Turkey with my Mom and some of my relatives. I didn’t apply by myself, because we used a travel agency to arrange everything for the trip including the passport. The travel agency also didn’t do it by themselves, I mean, they used a ‘calo’, not someone from their company to go through the procedures.. hah! no wonder it costs a lot, like more than double the original cost of the passport..

But if you thought it would be hassle-free if you use calo service, you’re wrong. I remember I still had to come early to immigration office (in Bandung), wait in long queue, go through the interview, and wait for photo taken queue..etc.. I MUST SAY THAT USING CALO IS TOTALLY USELESS! Like, I still need to go through all the process, well maybe no need to buy a folder and materai (stamp) by myself, but beside that, I didn’t see any difference.

In Indonesia, we should renew the passport once every 5 years. My first passport expired in 2012. But I didn’t renew it until 2015. Why? Because in 2012 I was ill and that time I never thought of renewing my passport. Well I even didn’t think I could recover from my illness and live for long, so…..

Long story short, in 2015, I wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur for a short trip after my exam, and then I just realized my passport was expired a long time ago 😱  I then googled everything about renewing passport by my own (without any ‘help’ from calo, not only because it’s so much expensive but also I thought it’s useless). I found out that for my case, my passport couldn’t be renewed, instead, I had to apply for a new one, because the old passport had been expired for a long time. If we wanna renew it, we need to make sure there’s no gap between the expiry date and the date of renewal. There will be a little difference in term of required documents between renewing and applying for the new one.

Because I don’t wanna waste too much time for applying, I chose to apply online. The process is not 100% online tho, some things need to be done offline too. The online part is only the first step, the registration only, then the rest, we need to do it offline, but it will still make a difference in processing time. Maybe a big difference. Because, as all Indonesian people know, immigration office is always FULL of people, and always long queue, so applying online is a wise choice.

So, here’s the steps on how to apply Indonesian passport online:

1. Go to:

————-sorry to be continued, will update it after office hours^^ thanks


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